Car breakins, make sure to lock your doors!

Two cars were vandalized on Tiffany Park Court in early October, 2018. Electronics were stolen from one of the vehicles. We have had similar incidents in the past, likely teenagers looking for easy money. How to protect yourself: Lock your vehicles! Thieves walk around the parking areas, looking for unlocked cars to rob. Do not … Continued

2018 Fall Block Party October 20th, Music, Games, and Pizza!

Join your Community Neighbors for an afternoon filled with Music, Games, and Pizza! Pumpkin Painting Giant Jenga Crafts Mummy Wrapping Contest AND More! We’ll be on the Tiffany Park blacktop. For more details, see the event page. If you’d like to volunteer, contact us.

Construction of Retaining Wall at Field Master Parking Circle

Construction of a retaining wall along a portion of the Field Master parking circle will be taking place on Monday August 27th and Tuesday August 28th. This is being done to help control erosion along the sidewalk region of the parking circle. All cars parked along this section of the parking circle must be moved … Continued

Red Fox

Photo "Little red fox" belongs to Giuseppe Calsamiglia ( Photo used under Creative Commons (CC BY-ND 2.0).

Over the last few days a red fox has been seen in the grassy areas around the blacktop on Tiffany Park Court. Several residents have called Animal Control to report the fox. At this time, Animal Control will not take any action to capture or remove the fox. Animal Control has stated that the fox … Continued

Community Yard Sale! June 9, 2018

You’ve finished your Spring Cleaning, right? Did you find a lot of stuff you don’t want to keep, but can’t quite bear to throw away? Well, you’re in luck! Stop by our Community Yard Sale on Saturday, June 9th and get rid of that junk treasure! 2018 Spring/Summer Community Yard Sale Date: Saturday, June 9, … Continued